Youth Engagement at PSRC

Planning for 2050 with tomorrow's leaders

Considering that today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders, PSRC staff met with middle school and high school aged students to better understand their priorities and vision of the future of their communities.Jurisdictions with municipal youth committees that engaged with PSRC staff.

Municipal youth committees from the cities of Arlington, Bellevue, Edmonds, Issaquah, Mukilteo and Tacoma invited PSRC to participate in their meetings. Staff met with over 100 students and heard their thoughts on the current state of their city and how they would like it to grow. Local elected officials also participated in some of the discussions. 

Key takeaways from the students:

  • Valued natural spaces and wanted to preserve existing parks.
  • Recognized the importance of multi-generational places to live and play: elderly, youth, teens and families.
  • Concerned about providing affordable housing options for existing and new residents.
  • Interested in maintaining and creating more features that add character to their cities and make them distinct, such as murals, public art and parks.
  • Wanted more places to hang out with friends, including community centers and affordable dining and shopping options.
  • Valued the role they were given in the engagement process.


Know of a youth advisory group that would be interested in learning about regional planning and VISION 2050? We’d love to chat with them! Contact Maggie Moore at 206-464-6171 or about PSRC staff attending a meeting.