Planning for Equity

Last Updated: 
Feb 19, 2019

PSRC incorporates equity and social justice in its regional growth, transportation, and economic development planning.

visit our engage siteThe central Puget Sound region has a long history of racism that continues to cause enormous harm. Generations of discrimination, disinvestment, and inequitable opportunities have helped lay the groundwork for a region where people of color and white residents too often have completely different experiences.

As a planning agency, PSRC makes decisions that shape transportation, land use, and the built environment. The agency has a responsibility to dismantle systems of inequity and reimagine a region where race can no longer predict life outcomes.

Regional Equity Strategy

PSRC will work with the Equity Advisory Committee (EAC) to co-create a Regional Equity Strategy. The Strategy will seek to improve outcomes for marginalized communities and how the agency operates internally. The agency will lead with race, which has proven to be an effective method for not only increasing equitable outcomes for people of color but developing a framework, tools, and resources that can remove barriers for other marginalized groups.

The Regional Equity Strategy will provide guidance to help members work in a coordinated manner towards the region’s goal of providing an exceptional quality of life and opportunity for all. It will also provide guidance and training for staff to ensure the agency effectively uses its roles to advance racial equity.

The work plan was finalized in March 2021. Initial phases of the strategy will be finalized in 2022. This work will be ongoing.