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May 25, 2018

VISION 2050 calls for the creation of central places with a mix of uses and activities connected by efficient transportation.  

Centers are the hallmark of VISION 2050 and the Regional Growth Strategy. They guide regional growth allocations, advance local planning, inform transit service planning, and represent priority areas for PSRC's federal transportation funding.

Map of Regional Growth Centers and Manufacturing/Industrial Centers, 2020The region has designated 29 regional growth centers. These are locations of the region’s most significant business, governmental, and cultural facilities and are planning for growth.

Ten regional manufacturing/industrial centers are also designated, which are locations for more intensive industrial activity. Both regional growth centers and regional manufacturing/industrial centers are focal points for planned growth, economic development and transportation infrastructure investments.


Regional Centers Framework Update

In March 2018, after extensive work with members, partners, and the public, the Executive Board adopted a revised framework. The revisions focused on how to support and recognize the region's diverse centers and result in more consistent criteria throughout the region. This ensures that centers are developing as thriving, equitable, and connected communities.

The Framework contains a work plan which PSRC is currently working with members, partners, and stakeholders to implement.

Designated Regional Centers

As part of the 2013 Centers Monitoring Report, center profiles were prepared and provide a snapshot of the full set of conditions and plans for each individual center at that time.

Regional Growth Centers

Manufacturing/Industrial Centers

PSRC Procedures and Monitoring Report

New Centers Designation Procedures

PSRC is not currently accepting applications for new centers. The next applicaton window will occur in 2024. For more information, contact Liz Underwood-Bultmann

Centers Monitoring Report

PSRC has monitored the regional centers periodically over time, with a monitoring report released in 1997 and 2002. The most recent report was published in 2013.

The next monitoring period will occur in 2025.

Administrative Procedures for Regional Centers

These procedures address processes, maintenance, and periodic monitoring of regional centers.


Centers Planning

VISION 2050 and the Regional Centers Framework calls for jurisdictions to adopt subarea plans for regional centers. PSRC reviews and certifies these plans in accordance with the Plan Review Manual. Several resources exist to support counties and cities as they undertake centers planning.

Regional Growth Centers

Manufacturing/Industrial Centers