Resources from our TOOLBOX on Industrial Lands

Presentations and webinar video available

From ports to fulfillment centers to manufacturers of all scales, the central Puget Sound’s industrial lands are host to a wide variety of uses and are a major asset for the region and economy.

With advancements in technology, changes in demographics, and impacts of climate change, proactive planning is essential to ensure that industrial lands can serve the needs of the region's residents and businesses into the future and that industrial sector jobs are equitable and accessible.

PSRC is in the midst of updating the Regional Industrial Lands Analysis to better understand how these new trends are taking shape and assess the region's ability to accommodate economic growth on industrial lands.

Presentations from the TOOLBOX:

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PSRC hosts the TOOLBOX Peer Networking series on best practices and resources for local planning and implementation. Sessions are open to the public. Two AICP certification maintenance credits pending.