Population growth moderating in King County

Rest of the region growing at a faster pace

During most of the last decade, King County grew at a faster rate than all three of the region’s other counties, excluding 2010-11. But last year, King dipped below the rest of the region. Still, the county posted a 36,100-person gain since 2018—or 99 people a day.

King County grew more slowly over the past year than either Pierce or Snohomish, with a rate of 1.6%. That could just be an anomaly, or it might signal a shift in regional growth trends.

Pierce was the only county with a higher growth rate compared with the previous year, growing by 1.8%.

For the first time since the 2011-2012 period, Pierce County added more residents than Snohomish, increasing by 16,080.

Snohomish County, which had had been the fastest-growing county over the previous year, dipped to second with a 1.7% growth rate and added 13,580 to its populace.

Kitsap County had a 1.1% increase, netting 2,980 folks last year.

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