Planning for Workforce Recovery

Occupational profiles identify opportunities for regional workers

PSRC recently completed a Workforce Recovery Planning Project, designed to provide actionable regional labor market information to a broad array of stakeholders on in-demand industries and occupations and related training programs in the region.

Informed by stakeholder interviews, the project helped to identify four key industries showing high demand for workers over the next decade: construction, manufacturing, healthcare, and information.

The project also identified a set of twelve occupations in the four industries that provide growing career opportunities, with strong wages for workers in the region. Occupational profiles were developed that describe the job characteristics and outlook, pay information for each occupation, as well as education, training, and skills required to pursue them.

The final report identifies challenges and opportunities for increasing the talent pool diversity in these four industries as well as including recommendations to increase access among underrepresented groups.

Read more about the project and view the occupational profiles