New Community Data Profiles dashboard

Beta tool provides visual representation of Census Data from the American Community Survey

PSRC recently released a beta version of its Community Profiles Dashboard aimed at providing member jurisdictions with a visual and easily viewable presentation of Census data from the 5-year American Community Survey in an accessible, web-based portal. 

Available data includes information about people, households and housing, jobs and incomes, and transportation. Data is available by city or by county, and can be downloaded in Microsoft Excel format for importation into other programs, including GIS software.

Users can also browse projects from the Transportation Improvement Program and Regional Transportation Plan by district on the portal.

The app was built using a combination of Python and R to download, process and visualize the data. The web app is built using Shiny and is also available on GitHub.

PSRC would love to hear your feedback! Please email Craig Helmann at with any bugs, tips or suggestions.