Airports throughout the region support military activities

Regional Aviation Baseline Study

The central Puget Sound is home to two military airports—McChord Field and Gray Army Airfield—both located at Joint Base Lewis McChord.

However, regional military aircraft operations are not confined to these two airports. Surprisingly, 17 of the region’s airports report support of military activities throughout the year.

Military operations include military training and aircraft transportation. Airports across the region play a crucial role in supporting military missions at local military bases.

Most airports in the region report military operations as 1% or less of their total, but some offer more substantial support of military operations.

Swanson Field—located within 30 miles of Joint Base Lewis McChord—reports 14% of its total operations as military and hosts weekly military operations to train Army Active Duty.

King County International Airport (also known as Boeing Field) is the primary location in the region for aviation-related military production. The airport not only serves as the final delivery center for the Boeing’s military aircraft, it also serves as its military flight center and production site for military airborne early warning and control (AWACS) aircraft.

PSRC is conducting a Regional Aviation Baseline Study to better understand the region’s aviation system and options for meeting growing demand. Results from the study will form the technical foundation for future decisions by regional and state leaders.  A final report is due out in fall 2020.