$26.5 million to ready-to-go projects

Action ensures region puts all transportation dollars to work

The Executive Board has approved a supplemental funding action awarding $26.5 million in regionally managed federal funds to 22 projects that are ready to go.

The action ensures the region will meet its 2020 delivery target for using Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) funds.

Regions across the state are required to achieve annual delivery targets for FHWA funds. If the delivery targets are not met, regions may lose some portion of their federal funds. PSRC has achieved its target each year since the statewide delivery target was established.

PSRC’s project tracking policies are designed to ensure the timely use of funds. Projects can experience delays in using approved funds for a variety of reasons. By actively tracking project delivery, PSRC works with project sponsors to shift funds from delayed projects to other projects that are ready to go.

Meeting project delivery targets also makes the region eligible for additional federal funds from places that fail to deliver on all of their funds.

As part of this action, the Executive Board approved a modification to Seattle’s One Center City Implementation project so the city can direct $2 million to a planning study for the West Seattle Bridge replacement.  

For more details, see the Executive Board agenda packet or watch the meeting (presentation starts at about 27:30).