Request for Proposals


2023 Puget Sound Regional Household Travel Survey Program

PSRC is requesting proposals from professional consultants to assist in conducting a regional Household Travel Survey in Spring 2023 as Wave 1 of a new eight-year survey program. The term of the contract is anticipated to be September 2022 through March 2030.

The work will be subject to PSRC's proposal review and consultant selection process. The budget for Wave 1 of the Household Travel Survey in 2023 must not exceed $970,000.

Submittals must be received at PSRC office by 4:00 p.m. (PDT), June 30, 2022.

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Consultant Mailing List

New RFPs will be posted on this page for downloading, advertised in the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce and other area newspapers, and mailed to the consultant mailing list.

If you would like to be placed on the consultant mailing list, complete the Consultant Mailing List Registration form or contact Patty Jakala at 360-473-7807.

Request for Debriefing Conference and Protest Procedure

Unsuccessful proposers have the opportunity to request a debriefing conference. The request must be made within three days of receipt of the written notification indicating that their proposal was not selected.

Discussions will be informal and limited to a critique of the requesting consultant’s proposal. This feedback will assist the proposer in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of their proposal. PSRC representatives will explain the scoring of a consultant’s proposal. Debriefings may be conducted by telephone and may be limited to a specific period of time.

PSRC will handle and resolve disputes relating to procurements and will disclose information regarding the protest to the awarding agency. A protester must exhaust all administrative remedies with PSRC before pursuing a protest with the Federal granting agency. Reviews of protests by the Federal granting agency will be limited to:

  • Violations of Federal law or regulations and the standards of this section (violations of State or local law will be under the jurisdiction of State or local authorities) and
  • Violations of PSRC’s protest procedures for failure to review a complaint or protest. Protests received by the Federal granting agency other than those specified above will be referred to PSRC.

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